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Can a digital magazine save you money? Will your alumni love it?

Recently, Skidmore’s Mary Monigan weighed in on the pros and cons of ditching your printed alumni magazine based on her school’s experience — as well as a survey she conducted of more than 40+ institutions. If you missed it, you can read the full interview here. Today, I’m excited to share a story from Lynette […]

Do you really need a print alumni magazine? Here’s what research says

Do you really need print magazines for your alumni? It’s a controversial idea to ditch a magazine entirely. But there are plenty of rational reasons to consider it. Your school’s website is as close to your alumni as the phones in their pockets. You can send email newsletters to thousands of alumni as frequently as […]

How to get faculty to share their best research consistently

At many schools, telling stories about the great research that faculty members are doing is essential and alumni magazines are a great place to showcase this work. Unfortunately, getting faculty to share research papers and journal articles can feel like pulling teeth. It doesn’t have to be that way. What it looks like when faculty […]