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Painless ways to reinvent your roundup stories

Whether you write for alumni magazines or not, it’s safe to say we’ve probably all written our share of ridiculous stories. For example, I spent my first year after college writing for a trade magazine called Athletic Business. I wrote 2,000-word stories on low-maintenance playing surfaces for hotel basketball courts and in-depth features on field […]

Practical ideas from this year’s Sibley winner

As a writer for alumni magazines, each year I’m excited to learn what alumni magazine has earned the Sibley award—and what helped the winning magazine earn top honors. This year, the award went UofTMed, edited by Heidi Singer. It’s an outlier in two ways: it’s a special constituency magazine (alumni of a medical school) and […]

Two things you should never say to your writers (and one that you totally should)

As a writer for alumni magazines, I know as well as any other writer, that writers are notoriously thin-skinned about revisions. It’s why you’ll find the internet littered with grouchy blog posts from best-selling authors with titles like “Revisions Are Hell” and one million variations of this theme. Writers, especially those who have never been […]