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How to improve your publications: A Sibley judge tells all

I’m going to keep this intro short: what follows is a huge interview with Jeff Lott, the former editor of Swarthmore’s alumni magazine, and one of this year’s Sibley judges. (You can read judges’ reports here.) During our 45-minute discussion, we talked about: * What makes Sibley winners different from their competitors; * One thing he […]

How to improve your writing today: Sibley winner shares his secret

In 2014, the Johns Hopkins’ team took home the gold medal for periodical staff writing, thanks to in-depth stories on travel writer Matt Gross, composer Oscar Bettison, Giants trainer Ed Mackall, swimming coach George Kennedy, and cancer research. In 2015, the school upped the ante and took home an even bigger prize: Johns Hopkins Magazine landed […]

These 6 techniques will transform your profiles

Nobody knows packaging better than Coca Cola. I was reminded of this fact when I stopped into a gas station this past summer to pick up a soda. In a single refrigerated case, there were SIX DIFFERENT kinds of regular Coke: 12- and 16-ounce cans, 12-ounce glass bottles, and 16-, 20-, and one-liter plastic bottles. The […]