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The Right Words To Make Good Stories Better, Plus Better Back Pages

1. Steal these ideas. If you’re looking for inspiration in writing, photography, design, and storytelling structures, check out the finalists for the the American Society of Magazine Editors annual awards here. Every year, I pick a few new magazines that have been nominated for general excellence and subscribe to them. Even if they cover topics I’m […]

Use This Coverline Approach To Grab Your Readers’ Attention

I love studying consumer magazines to understand how to translate their best techniques to the world of education publications. One big difference I’ve seen between consumer publications and alumni magazines is their approach to coverlines. Check out the short video below to see what they (probably) do better than your magazine right now, and how […]

The Surprising Hidden Value Of Your Print Magazine (And How To Leverage It)

A few months ago, I did an interview with Skidmore’s Mary Monigan, who shared what happened when her institution (mostly) ditched its print alumni magazine. In the interview, she said something that stuck with me, even though (at the time) I didn’t fully understand why. She told me that when she spoke with alumni about […]

The 1-Minute Hack to Better Stories

One of the things I hear most frequently from readers is they want more hacks–more small things that they can implement immediately to improve their content, their magazine, and their design today. So today, I’m thrilled to share with you a small experiment I’m trying: a series of short videos (60-90 seconds) that share a […]