Don’t Make The Exact Same Headline Mistakes That I Did :(

Headlines have always been my kryptonite. I love working on story leads, kickers, and transitions.

But headlines? Sure, I know there are some people who can spin a thousand clever headlines from a simple story summary (I’m looking at you, smarty pantses on the CUE forum who always come to the rescue when people ask for help).

But that’s not me.

Those handful of words at the top of the page can leave me paralyzed.

Even when I’ve spent tons of time on my headlines, they haven’t always been very good. During one particularly grim stretch, I headlined three major profiles some version of “The Pioneer.”

gif of Jim Carry drinking water quickly, spitting it out, and saying "oh, come on!"Oops. 

It was about then that I decided to get serious about my headlines.

I started noticing how some headlines stood out while others basically faded into the background (*cough* “The Pioneer” *cough*). I collected and categorized examples of good headlines that I could use as templates. And my team and I even did some original research to learn the most common headline mistakes in alumni and university publications.

I’ve shared some of this material here, here, and here.

That’s just the beginning – registration for our new Headline Bootcamp will open soon.

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