The Behind-The-Scenes Work of an Irresistible Cover

Before I share some of the most useful things our team has dug up for you, here’s some of our recent client work.

  • We might all love a good legal drama — but how much of any given movie or television show is actually credible? We asked alumni from Fordham University School of Law to weigh in on some of our culture’s most beloved legal dramas and share the legal fictions and emotional truths that drive these shoes.

And as always, I take on a few individual projects each quarter.

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Now, on to a few cool things we’ve uncovered for you and your teams.

Create a better cover. A compelling cover can move a magazine from the “recycle” pile to the “read” pile. So how do you make the most of that precious real estate? The Behind the Cover series, short videos from the New York Times Magazine, gives some incredible insight into how their team moves from initial concepts to finished cover.

Use the SU technique. In a recent issue of the New Yorker, Lyndon Johnson biographer Robert Caro shared some of the ways he was able to tell stories unlike any other. There are all sorts of lessons from his work, but I liked the simplicity of one of his interview techniques.

Here’s what he says: “In interviews, silence is the weapon, silence and people’s need to fill it—as long as the person isn’t you, the interviewer,” he says. “When I’m waiting for the person I’m interviewing to break a silence by giving me a piece of information I want, I write ‘SU’ (for Shut Up!) in my notebook. If anyone were ever to look through my notebooks, he would find a lot of ‘SU’s.”

Start on the right foot. You spend weeks or even months creating your stories. Don’t let simple mistakes prevent your audience from reading the work you and your team have worked hard to craft. Here, I share how to get your alumni to crack the cover of your magazine. Then find out how to write a headline that keeps your audience hooked.